I am german just like you – A German-Russian Family Portrait

Anna Ditges | Academy of Media Arts Cologne, 2002

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Here in Germany is a lot of beautiful for my eyes, says Lilia who left her soul and her profession behind in Russia. In Germany, together with her family, she tries to find the ancient home country that they always dreamt of. Two generations caught in the crossfire of war, three afterwards - the wheel of history keeps on turning. The documentary film “I AM GERMAN JUST LIKE YOU” leads through the past and present of four women. It tells about the dreams and the everyday life of a big family whose being foreign stays with them in different environments and today, in Germany.


“I AM GERMAN JUST LIKE YOU” is Anna Ditges’ graduation work and was broadcasted on WDR (German public television channel) in 2003.


Screenwriter and Director:
Anna Ditges
Marit Mondorf
Film Editor:
Anna Ditges
Sound Design and Mixing:
Ralf Schipke
Graphic Design:
Falko Brocksieper
Colour Correction:
Ruth Wiegand
Thanks to:
Horst Königstein, Dietrich Leder

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